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Our trips are fully supported: at your arrival destination you will be met at the airport by your guide who will be by your side for your entire journey. All ground transportation, meals while trekking and overnight accommodations are included. We offer set departure dates as well as private and customized trips to all our destinations. We at Peak Elevation believe in low impact, sustainable travel  and adhere to the "Leave No Trace" principles. We also believe in giving back to the communities we travel in and part of our fees go to non profits working with children and education. We believe in the "spirit of adventure" which means: It is more important to experience the journey than focus on the destination.

We focus on small, intimate groups allowing us to fully immerse ourselves into the culture giving the client a most authentic and unique travel experience. Our trips will change the way you think, feel and look at this wonderful world we live in. Traveling off the beaten path we may visit a home in the hills, a small hermitage in the mountain side or enter a small monastery or temple along our way for morning puja (prayer). We work closely with our clients before, during and after their adventure to educate and give them a better understanding of the people, cultures, customs, religion, and history of the areas we explore. ​

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I first met Bob at his then, Peak Elevation store front in Lancaster, PA in 2006, and learned about his upcoming trekking trip to Nepal in October 2007.  I immediately liked him and became interested in going on his trip.  I stopped in his shop at least twice a week just to hear about traveling experiences.  Bob limits the size of his groups to 7 people so they are more manageable and more personal.  He goes 'above and beyond' when preparing for his adventures.  You know exactly what clothing and supplies to take on every trip.  Everything was well researched, and when there were "surprises" along the way (like last minute airline cancellations), he dealt with it and got us on our way; not easy to do with 9 people.  Bob was there every morning at 4:30 (Ugh!) to get us up to have a good breakfast in the tea house and get on the trail for a full day of trekking.  We stayed on track and saw some of the most spectacular scenery I've ever seen in my life.  Bob seems to have a "sixth" sense about places to go, and he took us to some amazing sites.  His excitement rubes off on you.  The bottom line is, you feel very comfortable and confident with him, and you know you're going to have an amazing experience, no matter where you are.  You won't be disappointed with Peak Elevation Expeditions!!!
Neal Pressley aka”Pale Rider” Annapurna Trek Nepal 2007, Sikkim India 2010, Tsum Valley Trek Nepal 2011, Belgium 2012, Morocco 2014

​"Building Friendship Through Transformational Adventures"​

Peak Elevation is a personalized adventure travel company specializing in cultural immersion throughout the Himalaya of Asia, Andes of South America, Africa, Europe and the USA.​

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